Thursday, May 17, 2007

Workaround for "FATAL: system is not bootable, boot command is disabled" on an obp

Poor error messages are a major source of annoyance. I hit this one today, for the first time in a few years. Background info - a v210 was rather abruptly powered down and feeling somewhat ill. So I logged onto the sc and got to my console, and type boot as one does.
{1} ok boot
FATAL: system is not bootable, boot command is disabled
Which is about as helpful as someone telling me the box is currently a brick. Which I know already. Anyway just in case you happen to hit this the fix/workaround is to set auto-boot? to false, reset the box, and then set it to true and finally boot as shown below.
{1} ok setenv auto-boot? false
auto-boot? = false
{1} ok reset-all

SC Alert: Host System has Reset

Sun Fire V210, No Keyboard
Copyright 1998-2003 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.
OpenBoot 4.11.4, 4096 MB memory installed, Serial #xxxxxxxx.
Ethernet address 0:3:ba:xx:xx:xx, Host ID: 83xxxxxx.

{1} ok setenv auto-boot? true
auto-boot? = true
{1} ok boot
.......... lots of output ........
volume management starting.
The system is ready.

xxxxxx console login:

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